We love our volunteers who help us at the Family Holy Spirit Encounter! If you are someone who would like to volunteer, check out the descriptions below and then sign up by clicking the button below! The only requirement is someone who is led by the Spirit to welcome and minister to our participants at the encounter!

*Volunteers need to be registered for the conference in order to serve.


We are looking for volunteers who will be a friendly face to welcome all our participants to the conference. The registration volunteer will hand out the family registration packet to participants and offer any answers to questions they may have or direct them to one who can answer questions. We are asking volunteers to serve for at least a 2 hour time frame, and can serve the entire time registration is open. Registration will be open between 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 23rd. Please arrive 15 minutes before your serving time.


We are looking for volunteers who are not afraid of standing or walking for periods of time as they welcome participants into the adult worship celebrations, receive the offering during the adult worship celebrations and assist in the distribution of materials prior to the beginning of the service. You may sign up for 1 session or all 8 sessions. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the opening of the doors for that session.


Camera Operator

We are looking for volunteers to help operate a video camera during our main sessions. Our main sessions consist of worship and speakers both on and off the stage. You will be directed via headset throughout the session by our video director. We are looking for those who have a steady hand and a good eye. Camera's will be on a tripod and a quick training will be offered. We are asking for volunteers to serve at least 1 session and can serve multiple sessions. Please arrive 15 minutes before the doors open for that session.


Gate Kids' Check–In/Check Out and On Call

Do you love ministering with and to our amazing next generation? We are looking for volunteers to help our check in/out team by transitioning our kiddo's from parents to their classrooms and then from their classrooms to their parents at the end of the session. We are also looking for those who would be on call to help rock a baby, or help in an area where extra hands may be needed. A background check will be required to serve in Gate Kids. You may be late to a general session or may need to leave early. You may also miss an entire session if we are in need of your help.


Social Media

These volunteers will connect with participants attending the conference both live and virtual and with participants from all over the world. You will be sharing the love of Christ and representing ARM. This is not a place to share personal views but a place to encourage one another or provide conference information as needed. You will use the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (if live onsite)
  • Conference App

ARM staff will give you access to ARM’s account for a limited time to provide this service. This volunteer can serve live or from you own home.


Conference App

This year we will be using the mobile / laptop app Whova. You will assist in fielding questions dealing with access to this app via a mobile device or on their home computers for those watching virtually. This volunteer will need to be live onsite at the conference.

  • Trouble shooting
  • Providing Links to enter app


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