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July 8-11, 2020
Julio 8-11, 2020



Speakers include Rev. Dr. Kim Reisman, Rev. Dr. Mike Hutchings, Bishop James Swanson and Rev. Tim Johnson. Click here for more information.


Our theme is "Out of the Darkness" based on Psalm 107:13-14 - “Lord, help!” they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; he snapped their chains.


The conference is happening July 8-11, 2020. See the official schedule here.


The conference will be taking place online, either in your homes or while socially distancing at your church or youth group on YouTube and Facebook.


To offer opportunities for every follower of Jesus to experience transforming growth, through the love of the Father,  by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Conferencistas Invitados: Rev. Dr. Kim Reisman, Rev. Dr. Mike Hutchings, Bishop James Swanson and Rev. Tim Johnson.


Nuestro tema "Fuera de la Obscuridad", está basado en Salmo 107:13-14: Luego que clamaron a Jehová en su angustia, Los libero de sus aflicciones; Los saco de las tinieblas y de la sombra de muerte, Y rompió sus prisiones.



La conferencia tendrá lugar del 8 al 11 de julio. Vea el horario oficial aquí.


La conferencia se llevará a cabo en línea, ya sea en sus hogares o en su iglesia mientras mantiene el distanciamiento social o en groupo de jóvenes por medio de YouTube y Facebook.

Para Qué?

Para ofrecer oportunidades para que cada seguidor de Jesús experimente un crecimiento transformador, a través del amor del Padre, por el poder del Espíritu Santo.

Ministry for Adults
Ministry for Youth
Ministry for Children

Even though this event is a virtual event, we still would like for you to register so that you will have access to the latest info and updates for this year's event.

When registering online, please use the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

When you want to register a family member or guests, please do so at the beginning of the registration process. Once you have logged in, you'll be able to choose yourself and your registration, as well as a button to add an attendee. Once you pass that section, you will not be able to add any attendees unless you start the entire registration process over.


Consider the opportunity to safely gather in your home or your church to view the conference together. Consider hosting a "watch party" of the conference. Register your group so that you can all receive the schedule and the link to watch together.

* All Youth receive a T-shirt which is included in the registration.

** Elementary students will have the opportunity to receive a download or a packet in the mail of the Gate Kids 2020 materials. More information will be coming soon.

***Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide packets for our nursery/preschool friends.

° Youth are considered those rising into 7th Grade through those who graduated High School the Spring right before the conference.


Are you a youth group interested in our conference?  Please visit the Gate Conference Website by clicking here.

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